Need some Herrington Lake Help? This page contains a list of links to services and information we are frequently asked about. If you would like to be featured here, please contact us.

Before we get started, we encourage everyone to check out or collection of Herrington Lake Safety Tips before getting out on the water.

Herrington Lake Help: Helpful Links

Herrington Lake Information

We hope that the above links were helpful in your search for more answers about being safe on the water of Lake Herrington. At Mid Lake Marina we strive to make sure everyone has a great, and most importantly, safe, time on the water. If you still have questions, ask us down at the marina, we are always glad to held.

The community around Herrington Lake is full of people that are glad to see people from all over Kentucky enjoying the beauty of Herrington Lake. As a result of this, you can always find people willing to give you advice on where to eat, swim, boat, and fish.

Speaking of fishing, we will be adding more links about fishing soon. Once done, we hope we can help guide you to the big ones in the lake. If you have any links related to fishing tips for Herrington Lake, please send them to us.

Herrington Lake above Kamp Kennedy and Chimney Rock Marina

Whether you’re fishing, boating, swimming, or wildlife watching, we want you to enjoy your time at the lake. Because of this, please let us know how we can help.

We hope these links provide useful information so that you can enjoy your day on the beautiful water of Lake Herrington.

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