This page is a collection of some of the most popular Herrington Lake F.A.Q.

Does Herrington Lake freeze over?

Because of the depth of Herrington Lake and Kentucky’s moderate winters, Herrington Lake has only frozen over twice, during the winters of 1936 and 1978.

How Deep is Herrington Lake?

Herrington Lake has an average depth of 78 feet with the deepest confirmed depth of 249 feet. As a result, Herrington Lake is the deepest in Kentucky.

Is Herrington Lake clean?

Herrington Lake is clean enough to be a water supply source, therefore is also clean for swimming and water recreation.

Is it safe to swim in Herrington Lake?

Yes, Herrington Lake is safe to swim in, although we highly recommend the buddy system and life jackets due to the depth and hidden rocks below the surface.

Is Herrington Lake man-made?

Yes, Herrington Lake was built by damming the Dix River to build a hydro electric plant for Kentucky Utilities. Because of this, the lake is controlled by the output of the dam.

Can you ski or tube on Herrington Lake?

You certainly can. The lake is wide enough to have a lot of fun being towed behind boats. In short, on any given weekend you will see dozens of people water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

Do I have to wear a life jacket in Lake Herrington?

When boating, kayaking, or canoeing, you must follow KY state laws regarding life jackets. When swimming, they are not legally required, but are HIGHLY recommended!

Herrington Lake F.A.Q. Questions and Answers

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