Directions to Mid Lake Marina

To get directions to Mid Lake Marina, just put 238 South Cedar Lane, Harrodsburg, KY 40330 in your phone’s GPS or keep reading below.
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Since we’re located near Danville and Harrodsburg, Herrington Lake is just a short drive from Lexington, Nicholasville, Georgetown, Richmond, and Frankfort. Because of it’s location, it makes it the perfect day trip for anyone looking for a Central Kentucky Lake Day. For instance, the lake is only 35 minutes from Fayette Mall.

Directions By Boat

By boat, this popular marina on Herrington Lake is situated between Herrington Lake Marina and Gwinn Island Marina. We are very easy to find, therefore you shouldn’t have any trouble. But if you do, call us and we can help you find us.

From Pandora, Chimney Rock, Red Gate, Royalty’s , Kamp Kennedy, and Sunset, we are just a short boat ride south towards the Dix River and therefore located on your right.

From Bryant’s Camp, Kings Mill, Coffey’s Cove and Gwinn Island, we are just a short boat ride north towards the dam and will be located on your left.

Directions by Car

Lexington Directions Approx. 40-60 minutes

Frankfort Directions Approx. 55-76 minutes

Danville Directions Approx. 11-18 minutes

Richmond Directions Approx. 52-60 minutes

Versailles Directions Approx. 42-54 minutes

Georgetown Directions Approx 65-75 minutes

Because of our close proximity to Lexington, Richmond, and Frankfort, you’re just a short drive to a day on the water. When visiting us, it’s important to note that the entrance to the marina looks like a driveway. It can be easy to miss if you aren’t actively looking for it, therefore keep an eye out once on Cedar Lane.

Though Cumberland Lake and Laurel Lake may have more shoreline, Herrington Lake is a shorter drive for most Central Kentucky residents. Therefore you can spend less time in a car and more time on the water.

Weather on Herrington Lake